Dear colleagues, good afternoon.

According to preliminary surveys based on the experience of other countries, the average period of exit from the regime of restrictive measures for the economy and self-isolation of citizens is from 2 to 2 and a half months.

However, as Mikhail Bulgakov wrote: «Everything that happens is always as it should be, and only for the best.»

Now almost all important business processes have slowed down, but they have not stopped. At the same time there is an opportunity to use system of electronic document management of state bodies, as well as electronic notary services that allow you to perform and register actions that require notarization without waiting for the end of the pandemic. Our partnership notary’s office continue working.

In such a situation, we can offer you full assistance in resolving cases that require special accuracy and delicacy: personal and family affairs of individuals. This applies to settlement of issues of property rights, family cases, inheritance cases, including cross-border ones, assistance in the protection of intellectual property, and protection of business reputation.

The Service-nafta company has considerable competence and experience in interacting with clients and will help to effectively resolve any issue in cases that require special treatment.

If you have been putting off solving such issues for a long time, or they have become relevant only now, the Service-nafta company can become a reliable partner in maintenance of such sensitive issues.

Being bound by a non-disclosure agreement with all our employees and partners, as well as having a reliable system for secure storage of information, Service-nafta ensures the confidentiality of our services.

You can always contact us via our e-mail or by phone.

Yours sincerely,

Olga Khrapova

Legal service