Dear colleagues, good afternoon.

Needless to say, the world has changed very rapidly over the past month and will probably not soon return to its previous economic status.

Many of the obligations have not been properly fulfilled, have not been fulfilled at all, or have become extremely burdensome for one of the parties.

In the conditions of such instability, unfortunately, the issues of certifying force majeure occurence become relevant again.

Such certifying may protect the party to the contract from liability to contractors and the state (article 15.25. The Administrative Code of the Russian Federation provides for significant sanctions for late repatriation of foreign currency earnings or receipt of payment for services rendered), as well as may help to terminate a contract that has become unprofitable .

Service-nafta has been cooperating with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and its territorial chambers for 17 years and has a significant competence in issuing certificates of force majeure in relation to those circumstances that occurred in Russia.

The Chinese Committee for the Promotion of International Trade CCPIT has developed a resource that allows us to remotely issue relevant certificates in People’s Republic of China in conditions of limited cross-border movements.

Partner programs in many EU countries: Italy, Hungary, Spain, Austria and others allow us to provide high-level services for certifying the circumstances of force majeure in these jurisdictions without territorial movements.

If our offer becomes relevant and worthy of Your attention, You can always contact me and my colleagues via this email or by phone.

Sincerely yours,

Khrapova Olga

Legal service