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Moscow will soon get on the path of return to normal life. However, even in the conditions of stabilization of business activity, experts expect a significant increase in overdue accounts receivable of companies in the III-IV quarters of 2020.

When the parties to the agreement are not able to maintain the contractual relationship, the only option for debt recovery may be judicial protection of violated rights.

The classic legal service rendered by our company is litigation in the arbitrazh courts of Russia. Over the past 15 years, the Service-nafta team has successfully resolved 95% of the legal disputes submitted to us.

It’s worth mentioned that in some cases the losing party is not able to compensate the costs of litigation and, in particular, in foreign arbitrations, due to loss of ability to pay.

Nowadays we offer our clients a relatively new mechanism for allocating risks of incurring unreasonable legal costs, namely, support of legal disputes using the litigation finance mechanism, i.e. these costs may be paid not by the clients from their own funds, but with full or partial involvement of funds from a third-party investor.

The Federal law No. 400-FZ On Amendments to the Federal law On Advocacy And Bar Practice in the Russian Federation was adopted on December 02, 2019, that officially stated the contingency fee.

Taking into account the mentioned changes in legislation, the litigation finance, although relatively new in Russian practice, makes it possible to legally share the risks of ineffective legal expenses with a third party – a lawyer or a professional investor.

Service-nafta law practice has a significant experience of cooperation with leading russian and foreign companies and platforms that organize and provide litigation finance.

If judicial protection of violated rights with involvement of third-party finance will be a reasonable mechanism for resolving your dispute, our specialists will be glad to provide any assistance.

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