The legal audit of company’s activities is a random or complex examination of activities of any company conducted in order to assess all or some of the company’s legally significant documents for compliance with the current legislation.

An important advantage of legal audit is the early identification of vulnerable points of business in relations with contractors and regulatory authorities.

The point of legal audit, however, is not to suspend the customer’s work by collecting countless documents, but to check the correctness of the execution of previously made decisions and, if necessary, to correct the further implementation of the project.

The legal audit is always appropriate as a measure of preparation for a planned or unscheduled audit by Russian regulators.

In addition, episodic legal audit is effective as a control measure for the business owner or its beneficiary. One of the most popular types of legal audit is the internal investigation in companies. Service-nafta has extensive experience in organizing and conducting internal investigations, including those related to embezzlement, commercial bribery and fraud in commercial activities, internal reports, and requests from government agencies. In addition, our specialists successfully conduct legal audit of the management system and personnel. In any organization, the management process is regulated by a number of internal documents, local acts, instructions and orders.

Being bound by a non-disclosure agreement with all our employees and partners, as well as having a reliable system for secure storage of information, Service-nafta ensures the confidentiality for our partners’ information.