Since 2016, legal practice of Service-nafta has been working on a system for automating legal processes in a company, and recently completed testing of a new set of software products that allows You to automatically plan, track and automate many routine legal services, thereby increasing the productivity of specialists.

The launch of the new software package allows us to be one of the first to offer our clients subscription support for the client’s business at a very low price.

Such service can be convenient for those clients whose business does not require the constant involvement of an expensive specialist in the field of law, and allows You to make the company’s work more predictable and comfortable for the director.

The standard monthly package of legal services that we offer in 2020 includes, at the client’s choice, from 30 hours of highly professional legal service per month at a price that is affordable to anyone, even to a starting business project.

At the moment, the offer is valid only for small business customers until the end of 2020.