Mediation is called in law as one of the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) with the participation of a third neutral, impartial, non-interested party (a mediator) who helps the parties to conclude a specific agreement on the dispute while the parties fully control the decision- making process for resolving the dispute and the terms thereof.

Mediation is the most gentle and conflict-free way to resolve current business issues, without resorting to such methods as claim procedure or court proceedings.

Our team will help you develop the right dialogue strategy and implement it within negotiations.

A high level of professionalism, deep knowledge of legislation and law allow our specialists to participate in the mediation procedure as effectively as possible and bring any dispute to a consensus.

The main goal our lawyers would like to achieve in mediation is to maintain partnership relations and the necessary partnerships for your business.

At the same time, representing the client’s interests, our specialists will never allow unprofitable and dangerous legal decisions that can lead to negative consequences.

Competent analysis of the situation and strategic developments in the field of conflict resolution will help not only resolve emerging conflicts, but also significantly reduce possible costs (court, representative , etc.).

Turning to us for out-of-court settlement of a conflict situation, you can be sure that we will find a competent solution and will not allow any risks for you and your business.