Recent events stimulate the active development of the Internet.
The widespread introduction of digital technologies into commercial circulation provides vast opportunities for business development, the organization of a dealer network and the promotion of goods, works and services.

At the same time the amount of Internet disputes is also constantly expanding.

First of all, it is because the business goes online and that is accompanied by conflicts caused by the illegal use of the copyright holder’s content (text, photo and video materials, means of individualization — a trademark, logo), dumping by competitors and other factors that affect the business activity.

Today, our company is one of the first to offer clients a legal support in the Cyberspace — that is the organization of a safe and effective legal component of business using the Internet.

Our legal support in the Cyberspace can help to solve a number of problems, both in the field of organizing a dealer network, and in protecting the rights of an organization in the Cyberspace.

The modern combination of legal and IT mechanisms in solving tasks allows us to protect the client’s interests in the Cyberspace much more quickly and much more effectively than in classical jurisprudence.

The effective use of the modern IT tools and the individual approach of our legal experts allow us to find the optimal solution to the client’s problem in this area.

Today, the most actual legal services of our company in cyberspace are:

  • Protection of exclusive rights on the Internet, including copyright protection, domain names protection;
  • Detection and blocking of Internet resources that sell counterfeit goods;
  • Monitoring and combating unfair competition in the network;
  • Control of online Company’s business record;
  • Control of compliance with the price policy (RRP) by other market participants to the extent permitted by the antimonopoly legislation.

If the solution of the mentioned tasks is relevant for your business, we will be glad to see your organization among the clients of Service-nafta.

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