Dumping is an act of unfair competition focused on reducing the quality of sales and profit, stimulating the appearance of counterfeit products on the goods market.

Often, this unfair price reduction is associated with unacceptable forms of tax and other optimization and forms risks to the financial and economic activities of bona fide companies.

In the time of automation of all processes, it is inefficient to watch daily thousands of various sites, identifying dumping manually.

For a manufacturer who wants to ensure a decent quality of product sales, its proper post-sale service, or simply optimize the efficiency of the dealer network, there is a need for constant monitoring of market offers (for example, RRP) without the purpose of regulating market prices.

Today, our company offers our clients quite effective assistance in solving such quite a task which is based on a combination of legal, technical and IT mechanisms that were created by our specialists.

The use of such tools allows you to make this work such accurate and automatic as efficiently possible, without violating the norms of antitrust legislation at the same time.

The effective combination of modern automation tools and individual approach of our IT specialists and lawyers allows to get a significant economic effect from the services in a fairly short time.To solve this task, Service-nafta offers the product manufacturer a whole range of services, which may include, in particular, the following options:

Preparing documents to organize the customer’s dealer network and preventing dumping events;

  • Daily monitoring prices of all online stores that sell products of a given brand, conducting daily analysis of product prices on any Internet platform;
  • Detection of deviations from the specified parameters, for example, from the RRP, by seller sites on the Internet;
  • Detection consumer rights violations and unfair competition on the Internet;
  • Determining the malicious nature of the intruder’s site and blocking it;
  • Technical pre-trial response to the facts revealed as a result of monitoring of unofficial sales of products using the trademark of the rightholder

Today detailed monitoring of dumping and individual legal and technical work in each case are the only effective way to combat various forms of unfair competition in retail markets.

If the solution of the mentioned problem is relevant for Your business, we will be glad to see Your organization among the clients of Service-nafta.